I certainly have no idea what I am doing with my life

What was I thinking when I assign myself to Psychology? I am beginning to be sure this is one of the reasons I am going crazy. I may not be that strong to try and see what is inside. But that is where I am, I course Psychology at a University. Hi. My life is pretty much messed up, at least in my head. I’ve been using my bed a lot lately, I’ve been claiming my right to my bed. My bed, my right. Who says I need to study, to produce anything new to the world? Who said I wanted to come into this world anyway? They throw you in here, and you’re supposed to do something with it, uh. Well, the truth is (and that was when my relation to my bed started to get more intimate) I realized I am poor. I have a place to be, food to eat and a bath to bath, but I mean, I don’t want to drag you down with me, but if you think about it… Okay, we know for a fact that money makes it possible for you to live more experiences, right? And consequently, you’ll be more happy, that is right. So, think about it, according to The Guardian in 2017 1% of the population owns half of the world’s health, where are we on that? Do you even know what real money is? Do you even know all the experiences you could have? We are trapped to looking at movies of rich people, we see life through a screen, but we could be living it, we just don’t have any money. Money, money, money. That is why people do such crazy things for it. And that is why I’m being such a pessimist about it, my life is not at 1% of what it could be, if only I didn’t know that, I would at least try more, I think.